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Catalyst Ministries was formed to answer God's call into the prisons of West Virginia. Our mission is to be the God of the Bible's Spiritual Catalyst of real, lasting transformation within the lives of the incarcerated, thus leading to culture change within our prisons, safer communities upon release and restoration and reconciliation of families.

What is Catalyst Ministry?

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We offer an unusual prison response – Moral Rehabilitation. Our centerpiece is a full-time, nationally accredited Bible College at Mt. Olive Correctional Complex. When men study the word and works of Jesus Christ and the morality He teaches, they usually undergo a complete transformation of their hearts. That leads to a transformation of their values, their character, behavior, and methods of leadership. And those things work to bring a new kind of prison reform. The prison becomes safer and more forgiving– and the inmates begin to reconcile with one another, their families, and the correctional officers. The graduates of the Bible College adopt a new worldview.

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Mr. Burl Cain

Former Warden, Louisiana State Penitentiary

Dr. Kristi Miller

COO Global Prison Seminaries Foundation

Mount Olive Bible College

Mt. Olive Bible College, funded by Catalyst Ministries, and sponsored by Appalachian Bible College, continues the state-wide effort to permanently improve the culture in the West Virginia Prison System.

This new West Virginia Prison Bible College is unique to all but two, prisons in America (we modeled our Bible College after that of the Louisiana State Penitentiary’s at Angola, LA and The Darrington Seminary in Texas).

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Life-Changing Testimonies

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This has been a real eye opener these past four months. I have felt the Holy Spirit working on me every single week .These in-depth classes have greatly expanded my understanding and knowledge of Jesus Christ. As time in class goes by, I feel more and more confident with this new and additional information. I truly believe that the combination of my past experience, other college classes that I took in the past, which included the RSAT gradation and the new training I now am receiving, will make a difference in this prison!

I feel that the Holly Spirit is leading me to be a much more effective worker in the changing of the lives of people around this facility. As I have progressed through this semester and while studying in the pod where I live, I have had several fellow inmates ask for information about Jesus. With these questions comes an opportunity to get to know them better and help them with the problems they might have. As the time goes by I see more and more people, watching, listening and truly curious about what we do!

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A Day with Dad

Modeled after Awana Lifeline’s “Returning Hearts Celebration,” a Day with Dad is a one day event that unites “children only” with their inmate fathers. This fun, carnival-style atmosphere with inflatables, games, crafts and food promotes hope, joy, and reconciliation while introducing the children and their fathers to the gospel.

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