About Us

Catalyst Ministries was formed to respond to a clear call from the God of the Bible into West Virginia Prisons. We found the need to provide unexpected help to those who have no voice, no influence, and no ability to repay.

  • We offer an unusual prison response – Moral Rehabilitation. Our centerpiece is a full-time, nationally accredited Bible College at Mt. Olive Correctional Complex. When men study the word and works of Jesus Christ and the morality He teaches, they usually undergo a complete transformation of their hearts. That leads to a transformation of their values, their character, behavior, and methods of leadership. And those things work to bring a new kind of prison reform. The prison becomes safer and more forgiving– and the inmates begin to reconcile with one another, their families, and the correctional officers. The graduates of the Bible College adopt a new worldview.
  • In addition, our Catalyst Ministries donors help us sponsor:
    • Mt. Olive Bible College - We, along with the West Virginia Div. of Corrections and Appalachian Bible College have developed the first 4-year Bible College in a prison in West Virginia’s history. The inmate students are full-time; meaning their primary role within the prison is to study the Word and works of Jesus Christ.
    • Malachi Dads - A fathering discipleship ministry aimed at reconciling and restoring the relationship between the inmate father and his children.
    • Discipleship Initiative – Bible-based programs are aimed at spiritual growth and practical application.
    • Hannah's Gift - We teach incarcerated mothers to foster a healthy relationship with their children, while taking the steps necessary to prepare themselves to build healthy family structures upon release.
    • A Day with Dad Celebration – A day when the children of the inmates come into the prison to spend the day with their dad, just children and father. It’s a day focused on forgiveness and restoration. A day where the inmate father can begin by saying “I’m Sorry” and “I love you” while enjoying a day of inflatables, games, crafts, food and fun.
  • America’s Bloodiest Prison began its Bible College nearly 20 years ago. Today that prison, the Louisiana State Penitentiary (Angola), is perhaps the world’s safest prison. Their Bible College is given the major share of the credit, and a large part goes to Warden Burl Cain who continues to open the gates to un-traditional methods and a new approach to prison reform. West Virginia has followed suit, with the help of Catalyst Ministries and its partners: West Virginia Division of Corrections, Appalachian Bible College, our friends at The Heart of Texas Foundation, and of course the staff at Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola, LA. The Bible College in West Virginia is our response to what we have seen occur at Angola, where the astoundingly high violence rate dropped nearly75% since the Angola Bible College was created.
  • Doctrine - What we believe about God