Helping Today's Youth 

by Transforming Their Lives

From the Inside Out

What is Cared Straight?

Our mission is to reach the young men and women by encouraging them not to make the same mistakes which we have made. This will be accomplished by sharing our stories which led to our incarceration. This will also provide a connection that shows that we all share some of the same experiences and struggles. We want to implant hope by sharing our stories of how Christ gave us hope and changed our lives from the inside out.

We want to build a relationship of trust that will enable them to share their experiences, and produce a level of conformability that will bring with it an open and honest dialogue that will ensure a circle of trust. We will present them with challenges to complete in their everyday lives which in turn will establish accountability.

The procedure

When they arrive we will be waiting on them in the Chapel or the designated area that has been chosen. We will start in the Quilliams Unit to let them know what it is like in the hole. We will then walk up to Elm Hall to show them what our cells look like. Then we will go back to the designated area and one of us will open about what we hope to accomplish and what we expect from them which is their undivided attention. We will ask them to go around the room and introduce themselves and tell us how old they are. We will then one by one share briefly about our past decisions that ultimately led us to Mount Olive and share the things that we have done to change our lives.