What A day!!!

The day begins with a very emotional uniting of father and child. The children sit in the gym bleachers, the fathers wait anxiously behind a curtain. Individually, their names are called and the fathers’ step around the curtain and the children run and jump into their arms.  There’s always a lot of happy tears in the gym, staff and volunteers included!

The day is then open for fun and bonding. What a site to see, father\children playing games, getting their faces painted, passing football, playing basketball, jumping on inflatables, eating snow cones, popcorn, cotton candy, hot dogs and more.

In the afternoon, everyone gathers on the ground in the middle of the “Prison Yard” to hear about God’s grace and free gift of salvation. Finally, the day ends with some quiet time between father and child, coupled with a balloon launch.

For a few hours, one day a year, the children get to spend time with their daddy in a very special way, just them and their dad.  It’s a beautiful time of reconciliation, restoration and forgiveness.  It’s a time when father can say, “I love you” and “I am sorry” and the children respond in a great way.

The children always leave elated and worn out, with painted faces, balloons and a memory never to be erased. Every child is also given a Day with Dad T-shirt, backpack and school supplies.