Mount Olive Bible College is a living testimony of God’s faithfulness to WV prison inmates, as it advances the Gospel of Christ to redeem lives, transform souls and instruct students in high quality academic training. 

Several years ago, Mt Olive Bible College was established at Mount Olive Correctional Center in response to a need for some prisoners to grow in a deeper knowledge and application of biblical principles. Through a partnership between Catalyst Ministries and Appalachian Bible College, these student inmates learn to rightly divide the Word of Truth, and stand strong on a strong academic program with challenging curricula and disciplined coursework.

Following a rigorous academic class schedule, inmates can achieve a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college, in Bible/Theology and Pastoral Ministry.

As these godly men grow in both knowledge faith, they grow in practical application skills in doctrine, theology, the Bible and spiritual aptitudes. Most importantly, as the students embark on four years of study, we begin to witness a change in both their worldview and self-worth, as layers of pain and hopelessness are replaced by the living power of a Bible education.