Building a Culture of Safety and Forgiveness



The Bible College is a Full-Time, Four-Year Accredited College.

  • The Bible College students are made up of mostly inmates with extremely long sentences.
  • The majority of those graduating from the Bible College won’t be getting out; they will stay inside the system, helping transform the system from the inside out. Inmates listen to their own; they give far greater credence to the voice of their own than they do to the voices of free-world volunteers. Inmates tend to look at an inmate minister as one of their own. They are more receptive to the Christian message because they look at the minister and know he is in here with them. This has proven to be more effective than if some stranger comes in from the outside and tries to minister to them.
  • The Bible College students, upon Graduation, will be sent to other West Virginia prisons in the state, where they will serve on staff of the prison Chaplains. They will assist those Chaplains in their individual prison ministries. Their very presence will begin to change the culture of the prisons to which they are assigned.

Over twenty years of evidenced-based testimony at Angola proves that moral rehabilitation works. As we have seen in Louisiana, our Bible College will help save West Virginia lives, reduce victims, reduce violence, save money, and save children of incarcerated parents from following in their parents’ footsteps.

Catalyst Ministries, along with the West Virginia Division of Corrections and Mt. Olive Bible College will work tirelessly toward bringing this West Virginia Prison miracle to its fullest potential.