A disciple is a person who follows Jesus—to know Jesus and his teaching; to grow more like Jesus; and to follow Him, serving others and making new disciples.  This initiative is a series of course studies formulated to provide the student offender with instruction and guidance through three stages of personal redevelopment. Moral education and a personal encounter with Jesus Christ are two essentials for building a solid foundation for a healthy, secure lifestyle, both in and out of prison.

We will focus on three areas that we believe must be restored to avoid a delinquent lifestyle:

The offender must recognize the deficiency of his relationship with society and his lack of purpose and direction.

Our initiative moves the student from a self-centered personality to one who appreciates the importance of community.

The offender’s relationship with Jesus Christ. A person’s relationship with others is usually a reflection of his relationship with God. If there is no acknowledgement of the Sovereignty of God, then regard for human authority will only be obtained through the exercise of force.

Our initiative treats the root-problem through spiritual reconciliation with Jesus Christ and social conciliation with society.

One who learns to live for Christ and truly surrenders to God, allows the old person to pass away.  He transforms into a new being, and continues to live for the Lord, whether he remains incarcerated or re-enters society. The new person no longer leans to his own understanding but depends upon Jesus in all circumstances.

Below is a list of our study resources.

Lifeway’s One Year Plan “The Journey”   “Experiencing God”       “The Mind of Christ”

“Spiritual Survival: Kits 1 & 2”    “Making Peace with Your Past”   “Moving Beyond Your Past”

“Life on the Spirit”         “Rose Guide to Discipleship”