Hannah's Gift

Hannah's Gift Launches at Lakin Correctional Center for Women.

We were so excited when we received the call from Lakin’s Chaplain Mark Morrow that Hannah’s Gift was ready to launch!

In Hannah’s Gift, the Heart of the Mother study, we establish the continued role of the mother in the life of her child even during incarceration. Though you may be separated from your child, you can still strive to leave a spiritual legacy as modeled by Hannah and her son, Samuel.

In Hannah’s Gift, Family Restoration Study, the women focus on steps to prepare themselves to build healthy family structures upon release. We use Jeremiah’s words and warnings as sign posts to lead the women along the journey to healthy relationships. Currently the women meet bi-weekly.


God is really in it!!! THIS IS OF GOD!!! I didn’t know what to expect since it is all new, but God is really working both with the two women volunteers and about 12 inmates! It is amazing and awesome to watch Him work in this new ministry! It has exceeded my expectations!Mark Morrow, Lakin Chaplain
I’d like to share what I’ve been fortunate enough to learn through Hannah’s Gift. The first and what I believe to be the most important, is my children are a gift from God. That it’s my responsibility as a mother to seeks God’s guidance on being a parent. I can lead my children by spiritual principles even from prison. Hannah set a great example of faith and obedience through her trials having odds against her. She continuously held to her belief, her perseverance gave her a son. Then she was obedient to the promise she made to the Lord. Such a wonderful story of courage, strength and trust.Tonya, Hannah’s Gift Participate, Lakin Correctional Center for Women