Malachi Dads

MALACHI DADS was birthed in 2005 at Louisiana State Penitentiary (Angola) in response to the heart cry of incarcerated fathers who, embracing their identity under God as spiritual leaders of their families, sought to be equipped to reach and to disciple their children in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The world-wide children’s ministry, AWANA, joined hands with the men at Angola to help them create the platform. Since that time, Malachi Dads has become a “movement,” spreading to more than 50 jails/prisons in America and at least 8 countries. Catalyst Ministries is proud to have launched the first Malachi Dads Program in the State of West Virginia in July 2012 at Mt. Olive Correctional Complex, since then, we have been blessed to expand into many other West Virginia Prisons. With God’s blessing, we will systematically spawn Malachi Dads chapters in every prison in West Virginia.

Overview of Malachi Dads

Since 2005, Malachi Dads has become a powerful movement in prisons, helping bring higher levels of safety, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Malachi Dads helps inmate fathers reconcile with their children, with the goal of keeping their children from following their footsteps and ending up in prison. A child with a father in prison is 7 times more likely to end up in prison. Generational incarceration is a real problem and we want to reduce the number of children following their fathers into prison. Malachi Dads works to restore the entire family as well. The curriculum teaches the men how to take up their fathering responsibilities even while they are incarcerated.

Malachi Dads Goals: 

  • To biblically present God and His plan for everyone
  • To show how a person becomes a follower of Jesus Christ
  • To demonstrate how to grow as a follower of Jesus Christ
  • To give practice in developing godly habits: Bible study, prayer, Scripture memory and accountability
  • To work towards reconciliation with their children
  • To provide practical, biblical advice for life, marriage and parenting


  • Attend weekly meetings
  • Complete individual/group work and homework
  • Write each child at least once a month
  • Bring Malachi Dad book and Bible to each meeting
  • Attend church service weekly