Ruth Graham Visits West Virginia Prisons with GPSF

The week after Thanksgiving, Kristi took a very special guest, Ruth Graham, to tour the moral rehabilitation model being carried out by Catalyst Ministries in West Virginia. Ruth, the daughter of evangelist Billy Graham, has been a friend and supporter of the Angola Bible College for many years. It was a privilege to have her encourage the West Virginia work. Catalyst Ministries is headed up by Calvin Sutphin II. Not too many years ago, Calvin made the visit to Angola and saw firsthand the impact of the moral rehabilitation model. He later returned home and asked himself, “Why not West Virginia?” From there, he set out to get a Bible College in Mount Olive Correctional Center. The first graduation will be held there in December 2018! Calvin has started numerous initiatives to promote moral rehabilitation. He works with local law enforcement and is active in reentry projects that will provide employment training and opportunities to inmates and releasing inmates. Ruth and Kristi were so impressed with the amazing progress is such a short period of time. Ruth had this to say after the visit:

“I am still rejoicing in the work being done in West Virginia. The vision and the energy is so encouraging. I felt privileged to be there. The folks are terrific! … I love the concept of the reentry program Calvin and Errol [law enforcement representative] have envisioned. It is inspiring. I can’t wait to see it take shape.”