The Impact of God’s Love Inside the Walls of a Maximum Prison

Do you believe in second chances of life?

The readers in the Ephesian Church were taught to “radically” put off then old person because that is what is required to become believers in Jesus Christ – to terminate the old life style and put on the new self or new life style. This is what Paul was teaching the Ephesian believers/Church in Eph. 4:22.

The putting off of the former life-style is difficult, but doable if one desires to be real with his/her relationship with Christ Jesus.

This is literally taking place behind the walls in the maximum prison.

Today’s episode is very special to me. I, in fact, have a privilege to work with men in the maximum prison, and see God changing their lives. 

“Renowned evangelist Billy Graham has said that when God grants someone a second chance at living, it’s to remind them of his love — and of the brevity of life.” – Link

God is at work in the prison. Changing lives for His glory!