The Path Initiative is a collaboration between West Virginia Division of Corrections, West Virginia Department of Education and Catalyst Ministries aimed at helping inmates focus on specific areas of life that will better equip them to reenter society.

The key areas of focus:

  • good citizenship within their DOC community
  • academics
  • vocations
  • morality

A committee at each prison comprised of a designee from WVDOCR, Dept. of Education and Catalyst Ministries.  The committee will work to provide individual pathway goals for participants.  Pathway goals are to be achievable and relevant aimed at providing each participant with a realistic set of expectations and plans regarding their reentry back into today’s fast paced society.  The committee will meet monthly, or as needed to evaluate the initiative as well as each participant’s compliance.

There is no restriction to apply other than the applicant must be in good standing within the WV Div. of Corrections and Rehabilitation.  There are no restrictions relating to “Parole Eligibility Date,” the goal is continued individual progress.  The Path Initiative will be offered as a “volunteer” program, it is not a mandatory inmate program.

The Path will serve as a life coach where goals, commitment, and accountability are coupled with encouragement, support and acknowledgment.  The Path will provide its participants with an opportunity to start “wherever they are” in life and begin to make positive life changes that will lead to a well-earned second chance upon release.  Participants that have clearly earned a second chance by exhibiting positive personal growth through “The Path” will be given priority consideration if they choose to apply to the West Virginia Reentry Initiative (WVRI).  WVRI is an initiative that helps men\women with housing, employment, healthcare, and continued spiritual and life mentorship upon release.