You can help men turn their focus to their families – Volunteer

We are grateful for our growing list of volunteers— we need both laborers and donors. Catalyst Ministries will grow in direct proportion to the volunteer Warriors — both men and women – whom God leads to join us. How do you know if you should become a volunteer/donor? You watch for the slight “tap-tap” of God on the shoulder of your heart. If you feel it, saddle up. It won’t be the devil doing’ the tapping!!

When God offers you an opportunity to join Him in a Kingdom project, God does not usually take a hammer and smack your knuckles to get your attention. Instead, he does what Christ did: he just quietly asks. He invites. We pray you are willing to immediately adjust your schedule and follow His lead and join us!


  • Prayer Partners – In 2 Chronicles 7:14, for those who seek, pray and repent God promises to hear, forgive and heal the land. Please pray for us as we endeavor to do our part in God’s healing work.
  • Malachi Dads Facilitators – We need teams of men who will go into the prisons to facilitate Malachi Dads. Trust us; you will be blessed by this opportunity to serve.
  • One Year Faith-Based Certificate Programs – We need teams of men to instruct the various classes offered. Please see the Certificate Section for a list of classes. Your team could teach one a year or many.

If you have questions regarding volunteer or donor opportunities, contact us.