A Word from the President

I would like to welcome you to our website. Our goal is to continually share the amazing work God is doing within the prisons of West Virginia. I would like to answer the question of ‘why’ serve the incarcerated, those who have hurt others. First, the simple reason is obedience. As I prayed and asked God to give me a purpose, that’s where He sent me. Second, to reduce victims of violent crime, both inside the prison walls and within our communities upon release. Third, to reduce the number of children who are following in their parent’s footsteps and ending up in prison. It’s called moral rehabilitation through spiritual transformation. Please pray for this God given vision and for us as we go forth as His servants.


Hope Behind the Walls Podcast

Sharing Stories of hope and purpose from inside the prisons of West Virginia.

Mount Olive Bible College

Mt. Olive Bible College, funded by Catalyst Ministries, and sponsored by Appalachian Bible College trains and equips men for service within the prisons of West Virginia.

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Life-Changing Testimonies

Listen to their hearts!

This has been a real eye opener these past four months. I have felt the Holy Spirit working on me every single week .These in-depth classes have greatly expanded my understanding and knowledge of Jesus Christ. As time in class goes by, I feel more and more confident with this new and additional information. I truly believe that the combination of my past experience, other college classes that I took in the past, which included the RSAT gradation and the new training I now am receiving, will make a difference in this prison!

I feel that the Holly Spirit is leading me to be a much more effective worker in the changing of the lives of people around this facility. As I have progressed through this semester and while studying in the pod where I live, I have had several fellow inmates ask for information about Jesus. With these questions comes an opportunity to get to know them better and help them with the problems they might have. As the time goes by I see more and more people, watching, listening and truly curious about what we do!